Taking a Plunge!

Taking a Plunge!

Its been less than an year, I tried to convince myself to stay on Blogger instead of transitioning to WordPress over in this post  👉 https://www.anveshreddy.com/2021/07/is-blogger-still-relevant-blogger-vs.html , But things changed over this period where google hasn’t made any significant improvements with blogger over the years  and  is on a decommissioning  Spree with its   products like Buzz, Reader, Picasa, Wave and the latest being Google Talk/voice.

Also, Slowly google is leaning away from its motto of “Don’t be evil” by  turning  majority of its products to Freemium Model, For example Youtube and Photos( My Favourite of all Google products) and  llosing majority of its Fanbase and Loyal Users.. Looks like Blogger may be next!

Before Google brings its axe over Blogger’s neck, i have decided to move on to wordpress with No strings attached to Google. The transition may take a couple of Months  based on the leisure I get But I have Made a call ! Until then, It is probably my Last Post from Blogger. 

See you on the other Side! Peace-Out!

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