People I Admire

This post has been long overdue.Lying in my drafts to be posted for a few months, finally polished it and here it is.
As we grow older, we find someone to look up to. Virtually everyone has someone that they admire. Over time, there have been several people who have influenced various aspects of my life, based on their personal characteristics, accomplishments, and values. I admire them and aspire to be like( or better than) what they are.

  • My Mom –  After losing my father in an accident when I was just 13, it was my Mom who has been taking care of entire family through all the difficult times. She is strong willed,kind hearted,selfless and sacrificial.I save my admiration for her because of all she has done for me in my life. She is a person who taught me many important lessons which will help me in my life. She has an undeclared philosophy of never to get depressed when you fail. To her, I am an open book. She has been a support to me in all of my adverse situations. She always motivated me to take new challenges and never to back out of them. Whatever I am Today and whatever I am going to be Tomorrow, I owe it all to her.
  • A R RAHMAN –  I have already blogged about this Genius quite a few times. My admiration to him grew with me. I literally worship him! I call him the GOD!! There are several days in my life I lived just on his music. There is a healing power in it. Be it the soothing “Bombay Theme” or the effervescent “Rangeela Theme”, he has been a true “Rockstar”!  One of the reasons why I admire him may be that I can correlate his childhood to mine and also struggle he faced to become the face of the nation,making Indians all over the world proud. Say Jai Ho!!
  • My Uncle / Teacher / Mentor –  Mr. K. Govardhan Reddy –  Being Principal of the school I studied and also my Uncle, he played a major role in my life. I still remember when he made me to sit in between two toppers of my class to learn Math( I always was below average in Math) from them in our reading class. I was always wondering in my childhood how a person can have so much of knowledge and education (MSc, MEd, MBA) as him. He has this ability to listen what we had to say, to empathize with and to understand our point. I had Participated ( and Won) several “General Knowledge” “Essay Writing” and “Painting” competitions only with his support. He has been a true inspiration not only to me but a few hundred students who studied in the school. Personally, he has been a great support for me to pursue my MBA. Over the years, he successfully made the transition from a strict principal to a great mentor. Now a successful Businessman, he will always remain a shining example for me.

Now that I have finished this task of putting together the people I admire, lies ahead a huger task of following their footsteps, which I am trying with my baby feet.Winking smile

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