Sitting at Starbucks with my
favourite Black Coffee minum to pass the two hour break that i get at work,started
thinking what i learned in the last 3 years in United States.
After an hour of introspection fikir, i analyzed few things what Indian students
who come to study abroad do not seem to understand.
We ( including me & excluding the wise) tend to mingle and get along with people from our
home country and stay away from the rest of the fellow students!
We are missing the point that they(or similar) are the people with whom we
are going to work in future.Befriending them only helps us in learning
about their culture,their thinking style,most of all increasing your personal
Graduating from a School where most of the students are either American/Chinese/Indian
i could hardly remember the names of more than 2 students who are not
Indians(you guessed it right both are beautiful girls love ) , today i see an oppurtunity lost.


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