I Learn To Be Strong


I have been a huge fan of “Three Days Grace” since i started hearing them three years ago.Especially,the entire album of One-X is truly amazing.Pain,I hate everything,Never too late are true gems.Playing the album on my headphones i started scribbling…

Shattered dreams and the fear to open the eyes….Another day of Pain and Grief.

Missing something deep inside,all i can do is talk to my reflection in the mirror.

I am all alone and no longer what I once was,

Is it ever going to go away?

Do i deserve this?

Only thing that keeps me alive is tomorrow, it might all change for the best and hope time will heal my broken pride,

Until then,

All i can do is “LOVE MYSELF”

Hoping that you all like this,am signing off

‘”Wish you all a Merry Christmas”

– Anvesh

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