How to start a Startup?


Being a graduate in business I was always keen on how the market dynamics work. Going through the current market scenario, most success has been achieved by startups. I started finding my answers for “How to start a Startup?”

One common thing among all Startups is Innovation.

Innovation seems to be the flavor of the season, but one thing that confuses everyone is where does this innovation come from? Is it the same as Invention?

Invention and Innovation go hand in hand but they are as different as milk to water. Invention is to find a new thing and Innovation is applying someone’s invention to a more practical use. For example : Everyone knows Graham Bell invented Telephone, But how many knows who invented the Mobile Phone? Compare Telephone (Invention) to Mobile Phone (Innovation).

In my opinion innovations always causes huge revolutions than the inventions. Touch screen smart phones have been in the existence for more than a decade. But the Innovative iPhone started the entire revolution.

Innovation can start from anywhere! A differently thinking brain with few steps in the right direction can lead to Innovation. As someone rightly said “An Innovator is not the one who comes with an idea but he is the one who makes that idea work”

The first step in starting a startup is Innovation. So be innovative and think Different.

                                                                                                                  To be continued…

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