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  • If you have an iPhone !

      This was one of the comic ideas that I had the other day while watching the iPhone’s commercial on TV where in it claims to be a device that everyone should have at any cost in their life. If we make an commercial about what the present iPhone lacks,  it would definitely make a […]

  • Journey with a genius!

    image by my friend shailesh I can’t  remember the day(i was only 8 then),but it was in March 1992 the first time i heardthe track Roja Janeman (of course in Telugu) on Radio! it instantly gave me goose bumps,was it because it was the first time ever in my life that a song caught me […]

  • Google Voice

    Whoohoo!! I have got an invitation to try the new voice service from Google calledas Google VoiceGoogle has been coming up with so many great products that even the major giantsin the market like Microsoft could not think of!! Google Voice is a free Internet service that uses VoIP technology to link phone numbers together.Grand […]