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  • Why?


    From my childhood, one thing always revolves in my mind – Why am I always on the receiving end? Wouldn’t there be a day when I can answer all of the so called critics of me and be like a free bird (OR) is it just that I am destined to be this way. BTW, […]

  • Rockstar 2011 All Promo Songs (30 Secs)

    Rockstar 2011 All Promo Songs (30 Secs)

    I generally don’t embed any music on my blog. But with the amount of hype and delay the music company has made for the release of the music, i had to post this.                 Click on the song name to Play                  […]


  • About me

    Hi!This is Anvesh Reddy.People who are close to me & one’s who cannot pronounce my name call me Andy.I am born and brought up in the lively city of Hyderabad(Decc),India,. What i think of myself :- Stubborn Obsessed Honest Confident What my friends think of me :- Creative Overconfident Introvert Lastly Psycho  I often refer […]