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  • Hello world!

    Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

  • Taking a Plunge!

    Taking a Plunge!

    Its been less than an year, I tried to convince myself to stay on Blogger instead of transitioning to WordPress over in this post  👉 , But things changed over this period where google hasn’t made any significant improvements with blogger over the years  and  is on a decommissioning  Spree with its   products like Buzz, Reader, […]

  • Is Blogger still relevant? Blogger Vs WordPress

    Is Blogger still relevant? Blogger Vs WordPress

      Last week while I was working on revamping the look of this blog, A question hit me – Is Blogger still relevant while I develop most of the blogs/websites for my clients on WordPress. I tried to remember the days (2007) when I initially started this blog. I had 2 options Blogger/ WordPress. Blogger […]

  • Live the present or Dream the future?

    Live the present or Dream the future?

    Every human being, poor or rich, there is so much to live for: Happiness of your loved ones, the smile of your child. But,In our rush for future success, we forget to live our life in the present, and the purpose of our run too. Though there is so much suffering in the world, There […]

  • Revisiting Interstellar

    Last night, was watching Interstellar for the nth time.. and was still spellbound not just by the scientific accuracy and detail involved.. but also the emotional quotient and an inherent beautiful message Love transcends all rationalities, dimensions of time and space Every new clip where Cooper’s son says he got a girlfriend, he got engaged […]

  • Detachment


    Attachment is an Illusion, Detachment shows you the reality.  The memories that start marching in a procession before your eyes, taking your attention away, disturbing your focus are the worst enemies. Mind plays weird games when you get attached, be it with people or with things. Detachment is often misunderstood for being Uninterested, whereas it […]

  • Fire of Hatred!

    Fire of Hatred!

     This is how I feel about this Artificial World, Artificial Affections and Artificial Relations!! I can feel the pain, I can feel it yet again. I know the world is not fair, so don’t pretend that you care! My heart is at war with my head, interpreting all  the lies you said. Trust is a […]

  • Insanity!!


    Hey Peeps! Back again within a week’s time with a quest to connect more often. Within my mind, something stirs deep withinSinking to the bottom of the ocean as the light disappears from my visionOne side of me is all you have seenVisit my other side to know what I meanMy mind has been forever […]

  • Nightmares or Day Dreams?

    Nightmares or Day Dreams?

    Two years and 7 months is all it took to come back to blogging. Hope there are few readers left for the blog. Here it goes.. Have you ever felt your whole body could just crumble and fall apart? The smallest crack in your world can make it all seem pointless. Broken dreams, keep on […]

  • Gangnam GAYLE !

    Gangnam GAYLE !

    With Gangnam Style getting famous day by day and Chris Gayle trying to recreate Gangnam every time he hits a six / takes a wicket, I decided to make a gag on his style. The actual lines I thought of are “With this Banging, I pity the three ladies found in his hotel the other […]