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  • DAD


    All my life I have never missed you so much…Things would have been lot different, Good or Bad! I seldom find myself missing you so very much. 15 years have passed by and on the days when I am really missing you, I find that it helps me a lot to express my feelings with […]

  • Abstract Series…continued

    In continuation to my previous post, I am adding more works to the Abstract collection. I have also decided to learn some Typography which I want to make in to a special series.   As usual, If you like my works, you can comment on this post or Like me on Facebook or Follow me […]

  • I Learn To Be Strong

      I have been a huge fan of “Three Days Grace” since i started hearing them three years ago.Especially,the entire album of One-X is truly amazing.Pain,I hate everything,Never too late are true gems.Playing the album on my headphones i started scribbling… Shattered dreams and the fear to open the eyes….Another day of Pain and Grief. […]

  • Minutes to Midnight..

    Minutes to Midnight, My phone kept on ringing, It was you! Filled with a heavy hearted voice, trying to explain how things went wrong. I was acting busy out of my ego, hung the phone on you. All I could do all night was to think about you, With the reflections of the past dwelling […]

  • Now, this is not the end !

    Reacting to the title of my last post,one of my friends asked “Why do you want to say Goodbye?” I replied “That was the title of my post and it does not mean I am saying goodbye”.He is not convinced still and kept me asking “why do you draw and blog mostly the sad things […]

  • This could be my last goodbye !

    Its been long time i blogged,things been getting crazy- Personally and professionally.I was finding it hard to find time for my hobbies too.On my way to work last week listening to one of my favorite song -Up Against the Wall by Boys Like Girls,i was motivated to draw about the song.So here it is “Last […]

  • Love Actually.

    With Valentine’s day round the corner,my brain was filled with several questions about  LOVE like What is love actually? Does love ask for selfishness/sacrifice? Am i truly in love with the person whom i think i am in love with? Looking for the answers,the first thing that came to my mind was to watch some […]

  • Last page of my Notebook.

    Miss those doodles in a boring lecture, Love the moment getting caught drawing our fat,bald chemistry professor, Still remember the love letters i practiced, Can still smile to the jokes we shared, Can’t forget the weird poems i wrote, You were the one who made it all – “Beloved last page of my notebook”. Thank […]

  • Journey with a genius!

    image by my friend shailesh I can’t  remember the day(i was only 8 then),but it was in March 1992 the first time i heardthe track Roja Janeman (of course in Telugu) on Radio! it instantly gave me goose bumps,was it because it was the first time ever in my life that a song caught me […]

  • Couples Retreat – Official Music

    Academy Award-winning composer and internationally renowned musicianA.R. Rahman makes his first foray into composing music for an American comedyfeature film with Universal Pictures’ forthcoming romantic comedy, Couples Retreat.The soundtrack will be released via Relativity Media digitally on October 6, 2009, andin all retail outlets nationwide on October 13, 2009. For Couples Retreat, A.R. Rahman has […]