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  • i Fun Droid

    Hola amigo’s, This post is about the ever famous(may be notorious) i-Phone.It may be gorgeous,ground-breaking and may have changed how we look at smart-phones.Being an owner of 3 generations of the i-Phone,all I can say is ”The iPhone and me just aren’t meant to be.” First thing I don’t like about i-Phone is Apple’s “Closed” […]

  • Reflection – noiƚɔɘlʇɘЯ

      “What you see depends on what you’re looking for” – Reflections  This Painting dates back to 2006.Was searching for an important mail (it’s been an exciting and challenging week) and the scanned copy of this painting popped out.As far as I remember I gifted this to one of my friends.I would definitely want to […]

  • Google Voice

    Whoohoo!! I have got an invitation to try the new voice service from Google calledas Google VoiceGoogle has been coming up with so many great products that even the major giantsin the market like Microsoft could not think of!! Google Voice is a free Internet service that uses VoIP technology to link phone numbers together.Grand […]

  • Maniac Theme — My first iPhone theme

    My First Theme, tried to be mostly minimalistic.Loved these icons with no undocked icon labels in winterboard. Includes lock screen,wallpaper.working on more icons! Now Available on CYDIA Or u can download it at and SCP into your i Phone.Took almost 3 nights to finish (that’s when i usually work on my hobbies 😉 ) […]