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  • If you have an iPhone !

      This was one of the comic ideas that I had the other day while watching the iPhone’s commercial on TV where in it claims to be a device that everyone should have at any cost in their life. If we make an commercial about what the present iPhone lacks,  it would definitely make a […]

  • Abstract Series…continued

    In continuation to my previous post, I am adding more works to the Abstract collection. I have also decided to learn some Typography which I want to make in to a special series.   As usual, If you like my works, you can comment on this post or Like me on Facebook or Follow me […]

  • The other side of the world.

    Life has been on a faster track for me for the past few months making it difficult to connect with you folks.Friends and family have been complaining about my preoccupancy.My usual job has been keeping me busy from my hobbies, especially Blogging! I am going through an interesting phase of my career. Started to focus […]

  • Thin Waist, Fat Wallet

    Happy New Year 2011 to Everyone!! Haven’t posted much in 2010,for various reasons.Hopefully I will be posting more frequently and with less interruptions in this New Year. Just like last couple of years my New Year Resolution will be achieving “Thin Waist and Fat Wallet” which I obviously doubt! My last few year’s New year […]

  • Reflection – noiƚɔɘlʇɘЯ

      “What you see depends on what you’re looking for” – Reflections  This Painting dates back to 2006.Was searching for an important mail (it’s been an exciting and challenging week) and the scanned copy of this painting popped out.As far as I remember I gifted this to one of my friends.I would definitely want to […]

  • Now, this is not the end !

    Reacting to the title of my last post,one of my friends asked “Why do you want to say Goodbye?” I replied “That was the title of my post and it does not mean I am saying goodbye”.He is not convinced still and kept me asking “why do you draw and blog mostly the sad things […]

  • You on Google!

    Ever tried googling your name?I know the answer…Yes!I do it frequently too.In 2005 when i used to google my name as a key word,i was expecting some where or the other i could find something that’s related to me on these millions of pages of web( look how dumb i was,without a web page or […]

  • Last page of my Notebook.

    Miss those doodles in a boring lecture, Love the moment getting caught drawing our fat,bald chemistry professor, Still remember the love letters i practiced, Can still smile to the jokes we shared, Can’t forget the weird poems i wrote, You were the one who made it all – “Beloved last page of my notebook”. Thank […]

  • Back Again..

    Has been real busy for the past 20 days,actually i took an intended break from blogging!!yes, you read it right.Creative writing was too difficult a job for i went back to reading some stuff about it…and now that i have gained some confidence to get back at blogging,i have decided to blog seriously and […]