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  • Nightmares or Day Dreams?

    Nightmares or Day Dreams?

    Two years and 7 months is all it took to come back to blogging. Hope there are few readers left for the blog. Here it goes.. Have you ever felt your whole body could just crumble and fall apart? The smallest crack in your world can make it all seem pointless. Broken dreams, keep on […]

  • New Shirt ! (Monday Morning Humor)

    New Shirt ! (Monday Morning Humor)

    It’s just one of those pranks we successfully pulled off on a colleague. On a boring Monday Morning at work, a bit of laughter always helps! Like and share it on FB, Twitter and G+

  • Gangnam GAYLE !

    Gangnam GAYLE !

    With Gangnam Style getting famous day by day and Chris Gayle trying to recreate Gangnam every time he hits a six / takes a wicket, I decided to make a gag on his style. The actual lines I thought of are “With this Banging, I pity the three ladies found in his hotel the other […]

  • Gag Time!

    Gag Time!

    Tired of saying sorry several times for not posting regularly on the Blog and making false promises to post more often, but things are a lot busy and am still trying to keep up with those promises. After being in the IT industry for a while, and seeing a lot of horrible as well as […]

  • Search for the elusive Startup

    Search for the elusive Startup

    “Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.” Several times in my life I was almost a step away from starting a Startup. Applauded as great and novel ideas by the few whomever I have shared them with. Mostly due to time constraints and lack of capital (Bootstrapping didn’t help much), […]

  • Clash of the Legends!

    Clash of the Legends!

    Hi friends, Firstly, a BIG Shout-Out to all all the 700+ followers of the blog from Facebook and also the 200+ followers from Twitter . Thank you all for your enormous support, though I have been a little lazy these days at blogging! I may have started this year on a slow ( as well […]

  • DAD


    All my life I have never missed you so much…Things would have been lot different, Good or Bad! I seldom find myself missing you so very much. 15 years have passed by and on the days when I am really missing you, I find that it helps me a lot to express my feelings with […]

  • Why?


    From my childhood, one thing always revolves in my mind – Why am I always on the receiving end? Wouldn’t there be a day when I can answer all of the so called critics of me and be like a free bird (OR) is it just that I am destined to be this way. BTW, […]

  • Why don’t people mind their own business?

    Why don’t people mind their own business?

      (Want to) Make somebody happy today? Mind your own business. – Ann Landers I had to write this post out of frustration being caused by few people lately. I don’t understand the point in people poking their noses in to my matters and decisions which I never asked. I have always been ready to […]

  • Rockstar 2011 All Promo Songs (30 Secs)

    Rockstar 2011 All Promo Songs (30 Secs)

    I generally don’t embed any music on my blog. But with the amount of hype and delay the music company has made for the release of the music, i had to post this.                 Click on the song name to Play                  […]